1 Heart 1 Tree on the Eiffel Tower for the opening of the United Nation’s Climate Conference COP21 goes international

1 Heart 1 Tree is a monumental artwork, projecting the growth of a virtual forest on the most emblematic monuments around the globe. After a successful launch of the work on the Eiffel Tower during the COP21 conference in Paris, 1 Heart 1 Tree will begin an international tour.


The project

At the crossroads of virtual and real, «1 Heart 1 Tree» is a global citizen work of art. The project gives people the opportunity to plant a unique virtual tree via a smartphone application that will grow on a world monument in sync with their heartbeat. Through cutting-edge technology and video-mapping techniques, each personalized tree is planted/projected on a monument with the person’s name or positive message.
Each tree will have tangible impact: for every virtual tree, a real tree will be planted in one of our reforestation programs around the world.
1 Heart 1 Tree engages the public in a concrete social and environmental impact initiative.

The Launch in Paris

1 Heart 1 Tree was launched during the COP21, where World Leaders gathered and signed the historical Paris agreement pledging to curb emissions, strengthen resilience and join forces to tackle climate change. With the success of the Paris talks, we must now more than ever work together to meet those goals.
Citizens and Institutions played a crucial role in the negotiations, raising global awareness and showing governments that citizens are concerned and demand meaningful engagement.
Once a symbol of the industrial revolution, with 1 Heart 1 Tree, the Eiffel Tower became synonymous with environmental awareness.


bilan 1H1T



How does it work

With the 1 Heart 1 Tree mobile application, each participant places their finger on the phone’s camera, and their heartbeat is tracked. This gives birth, in real time,  to a unique virtual tree which grows on their screen.  Each participant can watch their tree grow live if they are in the city with the monument or via streaming. Alternatively, each person  receives a video of his virtual tree with his name or message on it shining bright on the famous world monument. For the next 3 years, they will be able to follow the growth of their real tree or forest, planted in their chosen reforestation program on one of the 5 continents.

The inspiration: an ancestral future

Naziha Mestaoui drew this inspiring vision of the future from the heart of ancestral knowledge and rites. Trained as an architect, Naziha is a quantum physics enthusiast. This passion led her to the Amazon, where she stayed with the native tribes to ideate a series of projects around the immaterial cultural heritage and the societies that still live in a reality made of visible and invisible worlds. Their relationship with nature is truly a source of inspiration and is very different from ours: in their eyes, a tree is a living being.
It is this fundamental value of respect that inspired the artist to reconnect the living to other living forms through technology. Our technologies are what we make of them. Today, the relationship we have with nature is greatly limited to the material. The idea is to pave the way for a future that is aware, a generator of meaning and a bearer of fruit.


Why the time is right for 1 Heart 1 Tree

By endowing the concept with the elements to generate an unprecedented large-scale commitment, Naziha Mestaoui’s monumental artwork aims to touch citizens worldwide : wherever they may be, their language, age, beliefs or , walk of life. It is clear that a collective societal action is essential to fight the effects climate change indefinately.
By placing art at the heart of the initiative, the message will reach a larger public. It is critical to take action in defense of the environment, with a positive and empowering message carried by a technological artwork that allows each one of us to become an actor of the environmental cause. A powerful and engaging experience is offered by seeing your name and message appear on world famous monuments with your unique virtual tree, generated by your heartbeat. The concrete impact is represented by planting your real tree in a partner reforestation project around the world, destined to improve living conditions locally and fight the effects of climate change.

As a citizen artwork, 1 Heart 1 Tree embodies the unique possibility of allowing our hearts to beat in unison and to collectively define our inspiration for the future.

Reforestation Programs

For every virtual tree, a real tree is planted


After a long process of getting to know associations on the ground, 1 Heart 1 Tree chose to partner with 7 reforestation programs on all 5 continents. Each program was chosen not only for their strong social and environmental impact, but also for educational programs. These projects are spread across the globe in partnership with different associations, foundations, and cooperatives.

Every participant in 1 Heart 1 Tree receives a certificate for their tree and can follow the growth of their tree in the forests generated by «1 Heart 1 Tree». They will be able to witness the long-term positive impact for the local community while being part of a global action.

Planting trees means absorbing CO2, cleaning the air and water, regenerating biodiversity and creating natural fertilizers.

We will plant thousands of trees through art by using technology to reconnect us to nature. Naziha’s invitation to take part in this interactive monumental artwork, is an invitation to concretely act for the environment. Her artistic approach makes each of us be part of the solution, and to become an actor for change.


1 Heart 1 Tree on the Eiffel tower, Opening Ceremony – COP21

Opening Ceremony in the presence of:

- United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon
- 1 Heart 1 Tree ambassadors: Marion Cotillard, Felix Finkbeiner and Nicolas Hulot, Special Correspondent of the French President on matters concerning the environment.
- Raoni, Tribal Chief of the Amazon Forest.
- Ricken Patel, Founder of
Live music by Philip Sheppard (London Opening Ceremony).

“1 Heart 1 Tree” was conceived as a manifesto of the civil movement, allowing everyone to take part and take action by planting their tree on the world’s most famous monument: the Eiffel Tower.

opening ceremony


Selected press to date

1 Heart 1 Tree has received extensive global and domestic press and news coverage including:




1 Heart 1 tree on the Eiffel Tower during COP21

1H1T in Paris


international tour

Following the success of 1 Heart 1 Tree on the Eiffel Tower for the opening of the COP21 in Paris, 1 Heart 1 Tree will begin a global tour. The project will transform some of the world’s most famous monuments into virtual forests while continuing the association’s work with real reforestation programs around the globe. A new regional reforestation action will be added for each country 1 Heart 1 Tree visits along the way.

The artwork will be associated with a major international event.The concept is to propose a fun, interactive, collaborative experience.  It connects the present with our collective future.It is a citizen work of art, that involves every citizen to feel responsible and act for the next generations. Participants see the virtual and symbolic birth of their tree before it is planted in a real reforestation program. Planting trees means absorbing CO2, cleaning the air and water, regenerating biodiversity and creating natural fertilizers.

The project invites every citizen to take action and be part of the solution.


About The Author

Naziha mestaoui, artiste belgo-tunisienne formée en architecture vit et travaille à Paris. Sa démarche unit de façon singulière et innovante l’espace, l’image et la technologie pour créer des installations immersives et sensibles. Elle a fondé Electronic Shadow (2000), pionnière reconnue dans l’art digital et inventeur du Videomapping au croisement de l’espace et l’image. Elle est aujourd’hui une artiste d’avant-garde, emblématique d’une vision altruiste de l’art et place la question de la nature au cœur des enjeux culturels. Naziha Mestaoui is an artist and architect who merges space, image and the innovations of the digital world, to create immersive and sensory experiences. She is member of the duo Electronic Shadow founded in 2000, recognized pioneer in the art of the digital age and inventor of Video Mapping at the intersection of space and image.