Live oak tree of life

“Live Oak Tree of Life” is a permanent digital projection artwork illuminating a beautiful oak tree.

The artwork represents the Tree of Life, a map of Earth’s 2.3 million named species created by a team of university researchers led by professors Doug and Pam Soltis from the Florida Museum of Natural History.

The music you’re listening to has been sonified from a DNA sequence common to all life on Earth. We share about 50 genes with every living organisms, from bacteria to plants, and animals, and for these DNA sequences, every amino acid has been translated into a musical note. These sequences of notes are played to reveal a symphony of life. After sunset, the artwork can be experienced; the tree starts to be illuminated in projection mapping.


We cans see and hear the tree’s pulsation, seeing the energy spread across its trunk and its leaves. We discover the connections between different species, fusing the tree with a butterfly, a whale, or a monkey. The piece of art is both very abstract and very narrative, according to the visitor’s point of view. A meditative and poetic piece of art celebrating our connection with trees and nature! This piece of art is a symbol that captures our unified creative energy, demonstrating the benefits of fusing art and science. The Tree of Life reminds us that we are all connected.



Artist: Naziha Mestaoui
DNA music creation: Naziha Mestaoui and Stephan Haeri

Live oak tree of life can be seen at Innovation Square Gainesville, Florida
Commissioned by the city of Gainesville and the UF college of the Arts

Special thanks to Dean Lucinda Lavelli